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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Something Good Pen Pals

There's no recipe today! This post is all about mail -- getting it, sending it... and participating in a sweet blogger pen-pal idea called Send Something Good.

I really like the idea of pen pals. I traveled a lot when I was younger -- first as an exchange student in Germany in high school, then around the world with an amazing field study program for my junior year of college, then after college I interned in India, then worked in Thailand. Each of these experiences took me far out of my comfort level. I loved, loved, loved (and really relied on) getting mail from friends.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Curry and Busy Days

The days and weeks (and months!) have been flying by! Longer spring days have provided great motivation for excursions, gardening and checking things off the wedding planning to-do list. Season six of Weeds on Netflix has kept me busy too. It seems each time I whip up something in the kitchen, friends are over or we're realllly hungry, or I'm itching to work on wedding invitations or a knitting project or or or . So my blog has had a bit of a Spring Break. Let's imagine that it was relaxing on a white sand beach somewhere warm and sunny.

Today's recipe keeps things simple while highlighting some great spring vegetables. It's a great, quick recipe, yet full of YUM. Serve over millet, as seen here, or with rice, quinoa or another grain.