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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Send Something Good Package Pals - Part 2

pink strawflower
The whole goal of the Send Something Good project was to connect with other bloggers you may not otherwise find. I have to admit, I'm in my own little food blog bubble. When I have a spare second, I scroll through food blogs... and wedding sites. So checking out the sites of the bloggers in the Send Something Good project was a lot of fun, and a new perspective. How interesting to get a view into someone else's life, interests, relationships -- to get to know other people in other places in the world so easily.

I received Mary Kate's contact, the author of the blog From the Guest Room, as the person I'd be getting to know (via her blog), and then surprising with a package. Mary Kate lives in Nashville. The south is close to my heart (I was born and lived for years in North Carolina), and I loved looking through Mary Kate's blog -- she has beautiful photos, great style, and she is always posting about something interesting (book clubs, recipes, photography pointers, DIY, guest posts, fashion ideas). It was fun to put together a package for her, and also strange sending a stranger a gift -- trying to imagine who she was, what she'd like. I wanted to send something from California, something personal, something unusual, and of course to have it all be something she'd like.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mango Parfaits (by way of Mango Memories)

Twelve years ago, I traveled around the world for 9 months on a field study program called International Honors Program. It was an awesome, inspiring, crazy experience. The friends I made on that trip are like family, and it's always so sweet to see them. What an exceptional treat to see five of them in the last two weeks (plus their significant others and little ones)!