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Friday, June 26, 2015

Date Apple Walnut Bites

When my baby was only eating purees, she ate pretty much everything. So I came up with a system of preparing and freezing fresh, healthy baby food that worked well for me and guarenteed she was eating like a gourmand. Sweet potato, broccoli, kale, raisin, goji berry puree? Check! Cashew, butternut squash, spinach & quinoa? Check! Now that she's eating solid food and feeding herself, she's become quite the critic. A lot of my masterpieces go on the floor. So when I hit upon a concoction that she likes, I feel like I've won the lottery...especially when it's something that we also enjoy.

These bites have been a winning ticket. They are sweet, easy to chew (a big bonus if you only have four teeth!) and packed with protein, iron, fiber, minerals & other nutrients. They keep weeks in the fridge, and they travel well. And my whole family (and friends, too!) love them.

Oh, and did I mention that they only have 4 ingredients?! Awesomeness.